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Corporate Retreats

Team Building Corporate Development & Staff Retreats

Both Traditional & Equine (Horse) Assisted

For a successful staff, retreat get out of the conference room and onto HOPE Ranch for your next corporate development event.

If you are seeking:

  • Staff Training & Team Building
  • Management & Leadership Training
  • Unique Idea & Approach to your Staff Development Retreat
  • Corporate Development Retreats

Why It’s Necessary:
Just like a sports team, your staff must take time to huddle up, attend training camp, practice and rehab. Even with great leaders, a team, only immersed in the mundane daily activities, will experience dysfunction. Your team needs this critical team building time to rebuild and come out winning.

How it Works:
Based on an initial conversation of your goals or issues, we’ll design a series of activities for your staff to perform around or with the horses. After each exercise a series of discussions will get your staff talking about feelings, experiences and ideas. This can’t happen in a conference room. We’ve experienced some truly amazing breakthroughs.

Why Horses:
Horses are a completely honest and powerful “mirror” of humans. Your sessions will follow the EAGALA EQUINE ASSISTED DEVELOPMENT MODEL: Designed around a framework of practice. Within that framework are infinite opportunities for creativity and adaptability depending on individual goals.

What Outcomes Can You Expect:

  • Discover your team’s unique dynamics and build on them
  • Truly learn to value each team member
  • Improve cooperation & communication
  • Provide team dynamics & education that will last long after the sessions

Team participation around tasks is essential for breaking barriers and learning to work together. Movement allows the mind to work differently and doing it in a social setting allows your people to interact in new ways. HOPE Ranch participants have experienced amazing breakthroughs and your team can too. Having fun while they’re learning is just a bonus.

Sessions take place in the pasture, barn, arena and meeting areas.
No riding is involved. (But wear your pasture shoes!)

Session Length:
Customized for your needs.

Probably less than you think!

Contact us today and we’ll send you more information and package examples.
Call: 507-281-3033