Raise Hope for People in Southern Minnesota Today!

In a survey of community members conducted in 2018, 29% of respondents, or 45,905 people, reported having had a mental health issue within the past 12 months. We are still waiting to see what those numbers look like now. We know there has been an increase in anxiety, depression, and completed suicides since the pandemic. Most psychotherapists and mental health service providers, already stretched thin pre-pandemic, are working extraordinarily long hours now, simply to provide services to established, returning (due to COVID stress) and whenever possible, new clients. People are describing waitlists of 4 weeks up to 6 months. Reimbursement for mental health care is dramatically lower than for any other medical services. Many people do not have insurance, or their insurance is insufficient to cover the cost of services. As a community, we need to do better.

How You Can Help Today!
At H.O.P.E. Ranch we strive to serve all clients demonstrating a need for services, regardless of their insurance or ability to pay. Our services are unique in that they are provided in an environment that promotes a sense of calm and peacefulness, versus a sterile office setting.

Clients have said repeatedly that “it’s just different out here”, “l can come and work through my stuff in a safe, peaceful environment”, “We know the therapy animals and the people at H.O.P.E. Ranch aren’t judging us, so we can be truly open and really work on our issues.” Most psychotherapy services do not incorporate animals in their work. At H.O.P.E. Ranch we have our herd of 6 therapy horses, one therapy horse that is boarded with us, our therapy dog Sadie, and our 3 therapy cats (hand raised from birth after their mother died and very highly socialized), it is a more expensive way to provide psychotherapy and personal growth and learning services, and the outcomes make it worth it.

Growing to Meet Your Needs
Your gift today will RAISE HOPE for more people in Southern MN as we expand our capacity to work with more clients and their support networks. Your gifts will help anyone who would benefit from animal-assisted psychotherapy regardless of their ability to pay.

A new building on our property will add space for an additional 80-100 people to receive services in a timely fashion – as mental health must be a priority for all. Please give May 1-11 to be part of a statewide SpringForwardMN campaign offering incentives for donations.

Donate Today! 
Your financial donation is needed now to make an impact yet this spring. We still need $10,000 to make The Round Pen a reality. Your tax-deductible contribution will bring H.O.P.E to many in need of life-saving psychotherapy in our communities.

Please consider using one of these three easy ways to donate today:

1. Online at https://www.givemn.org/story/Hoperanchfoundation 

2. Call the Foundation office at 507-281-3033 to donate by phone.

 3. Mail a check to:
H.O.P.E. Ranch Foundation,
9145 80th Ave SE, Suite B
Chatfield, MN 55923

Feel free to reach out to us directly at 507-281-3033 with any questions. 
Please donate TODAY to help fulfill our urgent need to expand community mental health.

Warm Regards,

Matt Nigbur President of H.O.P.E. Ranch Foundation
Kit Muellner, CEO & Founder of H.O.P.E. Ranch