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Board of Directors Information Document


The recently formed HOPE Ranch Foundation is seeking members to join our board. If you have, a passion for horses and animals, and believe in their ability to help people, consider joining the HOPE Ranch Board.

The Board could benefit from people with legal skills, grant writing, business knowledge, marketing skills, accounting experience or organizational skills and more!


The mission of the Foundation is to promote and fund animal-assisted (including but not limited to: equine, dogs, cats) psychotherapy for clients of all ages who could benefit from animal-assisted psychological services regardless of their ability to pay.  The organization will fund programming provided by EAGALA certified practitioners. The organization will raise funds to pay for and/or supplement need-based scholarships for EAGALA model psychotherapy and learning services.


This is a new board so a big part of your mission will be to help organize the board and its priorities. This could include:

  1. Defining the foundation’s mission
  2. Deciding on initial documents that need creating
  3. Setting year one priorities
  4. Logistic decisions such as how often to meet, where, etc
  5. Marketing goals


Currently, we meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm. We already have a strong communications/project manager on board who will keep us organized and set up methods for communication such as email frequency, the document storing systems, agendas and even Board Member Application opportunities to virtual into meetings if need be.

Term length for board members: 3 years


If you are reading this you very likely already possess the skills, a passion for horses and animals would enjoy this organization.

Here’s how you can take the next step:

Email any questions to:

Call us at: 507-281-3033

View the board application