Equine Specialist
Head Assistant of Morning Chores
Volunteer Opportunities


Job Description:
HOPE Ranch is looking for a psychotherapist to provide services to children, individuals and families struggling with mental health issues. Our services are not only focused on the individual, but also on equipping the family with the resources and skills to assist in recovery. We provide client-centered support services that reflect the best interests of children and families. Our psychotherapists provide diagnostic assessments, treatment guidance, and outpatient therapy services involving the participation of parents/caregivers and/or other important family members. Clinical work at HOPE Ranch occurs in traditional office sessions and/or in EAGALA model equine assisted sessions. Participation in EAGALA model work is not required but would be considered a plus. Must demonstrate initiative, proficiency, and good judgment to optimize the use of his or her time. Ability to handle confidentiality of patients. Strong organizational and communication skills along with a commitment to quality and excellence in service are important components of this role.

Click here for the full Psychotherapist description.

Equine Specialist

Job Description:
HOPE Ranch is seeking an EAGALA trained equine specialist. This position would provide horse assisted ground based activities in a busy Rochester, Minnesota mental health and professional teambuilding and staff development business. Must be dependable, flexible team player certified as an EAGALA equine specialist or willing to become certified. The qualified person will co-facilitate with a mental health professional and horses as a team. Requires extensive knowledge and experience with horses.

Send a resume describing your qualifications to receive initial consideration.

Click here for EAGALA Certification Brochure.


HOPE Ranch is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, disability, age, military status, veteran status, genetic information or national origin.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hope Ranch seeks volunteers for a variety of duties. Volunteers are essential to the success of our Ranch and enable us to fulfill our mission to offer quality Equine Assisted Growth & Learning programming that our clients have come to value.

Volunteer_ Interest_Form Click here to download the Volunteer Form (PDF)

Volunteer Needs

Outdoor & Barn Needs:

  1. Assist with Daily Chores
  2. Paint Buildings
  3. Build Obstacle Course
  4. Put up Hay (once/twice per year)
  5. Groom Horses
  6. Trim Trees
  7. Spray Fence Lines
  8. Mow & Pick Up Pastures
  9. Spray pastures
  10. Assist with fence maintenance/repair

Office/Clerical Needs:

  1. Update Database for Mailings
  2. Send out Mailings
  3. Scholarships
  4. Help with Donations
  5. Help with Fundraising
  6. Help with Marketing
  7. Volunteer Coordinator (this could become a paid position if grant money was applied for and received).