Twilight “The Cat” Moves to California

Many of you followed the story of Twilight, the stray cat, who wandered into our lives when she showed up at HOPE Ranch one summer day. We finally found a forever home, for which she is very grateful. Twilight wanted to share the story of how she found her forever home by traveling all the way to California!

Hi! My name is Twilight (Twi to my friends and family). I met Kit on her porch in late June 2019 while Kit was talking with Sharon on the phone that afternoon. I walked right up, introduced myself, and made myself at home. Kit shared my photo with Sharon during that call and we three became instant friends that day. 

Kit gave me some food and I decided to stay. I became a house cat along with her other (indoor) felines and her dog Sadie (Sadie is indoor/outdoor) ☺ . Sadie and I got along well but the kitties didn’t like me much , so I had to live alone in the living room / the upstairs side of the house while all the others had the run of the rest of the space. It was pretty lonely though I had some great views of the birds in the trees from my 2nd story windows and I could see the horses in the barn and the corral as well as everybody coming and going up and down the driveway. 

In August Sharon came to visit and help Kit ‘continue moving in’ and I shared my rooms with her. We got to know each other quite well during those 10 days. Sharon had had a cat (sometimes as many as three) since she was three years old but her last kitty (Tobie) had died in April and Sharon was now cat-less. I tried to make her feel welcome. We had lots of fun together each evening. I especially liked to walk on her when she slept on her side, then I could nuzzle my nose in her ear.  I thought it was a fun game! 

As it came time for Sharon to go home, it was clear that the other kitties were not going to allow me to share the house so I asked Sharon if I could go home with her and be her kitty. 

Kit approved, and with the help of Delta airlines, I got to fly home with Sharon to California. I enjoyed the 2-hour layover in Minneapolis in the frequent flyer lounge and our little private room where Sharon brought me treats from the buffet while I enjoyed the leather chairs. (The chicken wild rice soup was particularly delicious.) All the airline staff was very kind to me. We even got to see photos of their kitties too. Bill met us at San Francisco airport at 2:00 AM (instead of San Jose much earlier, due to weather-related scheduling issues) and drove us to my new home. It was very different but I felt welcome, especially thanks to the sign that greeted me “Welcome to your new home” with a cat face drawn on it and a chocolate KitKat bar laying on the pen ledge. It took us a while to settle in. I stayed inside for a few weeks ‘til I got comfortable with my new surroundings then Sharon got me a beautiful pink collar with my name engraved on a shiny silver tag. That day I ventured out in the backyard  – it was very exciting. I didn’t go far to start but then I got brave and ‘up and over’ the fence I went to the neighbor’s yard. Turns out there were lots of cars going by out at the end of that street and it was kind of scary so I hid under their deck ‘til Sharon came and got me. I really like the Kitty door they put in for me so I can go in and out whenever I want. There’s a lot of water in the backyard so I’m avoiding that (a pool).

That’s how I came to live with Sharon in California. Maybe at a later date, I will share more of my adventures. But for now thanks for listening to my story.