SSTAR Camp: Gives Teens Strategies & Tools for Success

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 6.30.30 AMWhen children reach adolescence; relationships, self image, peer pressure, trust and whole host of other issues become crucial. Teens need to develop tools and strategies to help them deal with what will come their way. SSTAR Camp was developed for this very reason. 

SSTAR Camp is ideal for youth seeking to develop tools and strategies needed to make good choices. Experiential activities with H.O.P.E. Ranch horses help youth learn about:
Group Cohesion
Personal safety
Peer pressure
Saying good-bye

The next SSTAR Camp Session will be August 22-25,  2016 from 9am to Noon for 12-16 year-olds. (Teens will be split into similar age groups) Cost is $300.

Call: (507) 281-3033 to Register

How is SSTAR Camp different?
« Utilizes EAGALA and other experiential activities
« Licensed mental health professional facilitator
« Special education teacher facilitator
« All equine related activities are done on the ground

To learn more or register, call us today at 507-281-3033!

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